BlackPool Governance Proposal Framework

Summary: This document outlines a proposed framework for BlackPool’s governance. It categorises proposals based on their nature, establishes voting procedures on DAO rules, and introduces templates to guide community members in their contributions.

Before advancing to a vote, proposals should undergo discussion on the governance forum and Discord to gauge community sentiment and gather invaluable feedback.

Proposal Essentials

  • Governance Forum Engagement: Proposals must be presented on the Governance forum for a minimum of 48 hours prior to snapshot submission. This duration grants the community ample time to provide feedback, offer suggestions, and engage in sentiment polling.
  • Proposal Identification: Every proposal must be uniquely identifiable.
    • Name: Consistent between forum post and snapshot (Max 10 words).
    • Number: Sequentially ordered on the forum and snapshot.
    • Type and Classification: BPIR, BPGP, BPIP (elaborated below).
  • Proposal Summary: A concise overview (1-2 sentences).
  • Rationale: Comprehensive justification with execution milestones.
  • Resources:
    • Human: Highlight specific expertise needed (e.g., developers).
    • Treasury: Estimated cost (in BPT/stables) and treasury percentage used.
  • Timeline & Roadmap: Outline the proposed journey and immediate actions for a viable project.
  • Voting Choices: Enumerate voting options on the snapshot, always including “Abstain”.

To initiate a vote on a proposal, community members must first comply with the essential requirements and recommendations outlined in the Code of Conduct. Community members who wish to initiate a vote must possess a comprehensive understanding of our ecosystem. Additionally, only members with a voting power exceeding 100 veBPT are eligible to initiate the voting process.

Proposal Categories and required information

BlackPool Integration Request (BPIR): Focusing on public data and investments. BPIRs advocate for projects through detailed reports suggesting potential blockchain games, DAO investments, or partnerships. (Vote duration: 3 days)

  • Project Introduction: Name, in-depth report, partnerships, competitors, audits, supported blockchains, and social media links.

  • Project Metrics: Current project FDV/TVL, daily volume, and community size across platforms.

  • Collaborative Discussions: A scheduled dialogue between the project and BlackPool members.

  • Community Sentiment Poll: Share reports and/or organise calls on Discord.

BlackPool Governance Proposal (BPGP): Concerned predominantly with general governance, especially matters touching the treasury and DAO structure. (Vote duration: 5 days)

  • Context: Detailed proposal breakdown and treasury insights, if necessary.

  • Governance Focuses on Quarterly budgets, liquidity mining gauge votes, grant programmes, rewards, long-term collaborations, and DAO expenditures.

  • Private Dealings: Certain projects may involve confidential agreements. Core team members will decide to allocate funds after internal discussions.

BlackPool Improvement Protocol (BPIP): Pertains to significant alterations either in the protocol directly or within the governance framework. (Vote duration: 8 days)

  • Context: Nature of the creation/modification and its rationale.

  • Key Modifications: Protocol versioning, smart contract alterations, parameter updates, token migrations, governance changes, treasury multi-sig amendments, and protocol fee distributions.

  • Treasury Management: This segment provides monthly insights into treasury actions, offers suggestion channels, and incorporates community polls for new strategies.