BlackPool Troop | Cometh

Hey all,
It’s Hazelstar, I’m opening up a bit the discussions here, starting by the Troop I’m currently leading: Cometh!

This day, BlackPool’s Cometh fleet is made up of 38 spaceships. 36 of them have been bought by BlackPool, for a total value of 52.8 ETH.

Here are a few of our best ships for your viewing pleasure:

If you want to learn more about Cometh, head over here.
If you’re already an experienced player but don’t have time to play your rare and mythic ships, get in touch with me!


Hello, I am new in that forum.

I am a rookie crypto holder with my twin brother

We want to invest 1000 euros in your DAO … how is it working please ?

Thanks you


Hey @Maselli12, you are not really in the right place for that :slight_smile:

To chat about $BPT, head over to the discord here, or the telegram group here.