BPIR #1 : Whitelist Stake DAO to lock BPT on BlackPool

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This proposal aims to whitelist Stake DAO to allow the protocol to lock its acquired BPT tokens for veBPT and create the sdBPT liquid locker.


The Stake DAO and BlackPool contributors and communities have been actively supporting one another through business development, marketing, and events for the past few weeks and months. The link between the two projects is very strong, and the communities and the contributors are very united.

This proposal intends to strengthen even more the relationships between the two projects and to request the whitelisting of Stake DAO to lock BlackPool tokens (BPT).


Stake DAO is a non-custodial platform built on top of decentralised protocols that enables anyone to easily grow their crypto portfolio, which recently released a new feature called the Liquid Lockers that will help accelerate the lock of tokens with a ve model.

It’s a new feature built for tokens with ve model allowing users to keep a liquid position while enjoying yield and the associated voting power (which can both be boosted with veSDT).

The liquid locker will allow users to lock BPT and receive sdBPT, which can be staked in the reward contract. sdBPT holders will be able to earn: native yield, a vote on proposals and gauges, boosted positions, voting power, while keeping a liquid position.

The locker will require a gauge for the sdBPT/BPT pool on Curve, to ensure the liquidity of the token. Furthermore, as other protocols have done it, BlackPool could help seed the sdBPT/BPT liquidity pool to ensure liquidity for sdBPT.

Voting options:

  • Yes, accept the whitelist
  • No, reject the whitelist
  • Abstain

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What about BPT already locked, will their be a way to make them liquids too ? (veBPT/sdBPT pool ?, borrow against sdBPT as Hubert mention in one of his tweet for veCRV ?)

Hey Max,
there is nothing planned to make BPT locked on the BlackPool protocol liquid.
Concerning the solution of a pool with veBPT, it seems to me that it is not possible because veBPT is not an ERC-20 token.
I don’t know about the borrow one.

The BPT can be locked by Stake DAO if the proposal is accepted. But the already locked veBPT remains specific to BlackPool and not linked to the LL.

I remain at your disposal.