BPT stacking rewards

Hello, I would like to have information on the rewards related to stacking XBPT, on the site it is written: Stake your BPT to capture the value of our actively managed NFTs.

Currently there are no rewards, I would like to have two information:
When will these rewards be implemented?
Will the rewards take into account the fact that I have been stacking my XBPTs for some time (e.g. I stacked since August 1st and the rewards start on November 1st, will my 3 months be taken in the count? )
It seems to me that Lola confirmed this during an interview with Univers Bitcoin Podcast, but I’m not sure.

If this is not the place for such a request, delete my post.



A answer to this question would be nice, i invested into something what i think is a great idea.
I see some gains in the reports, and as you can imagine i like that.
but i have no clue what are my rewards and how does the overall business model look like…

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This question gets asked a lot in the discord :slight_smile:

The devs have said that it’s taking them a while to do this right but it is coming

And yes the rewards will be retroactive

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Hello guys!

Thanks for taking the time to write here and to ask an important question.
We have many things cooking right now, and the question of the rewards is one of the most pressing one.
It has been said many times and confirmed by Julien that it will be retroactive, so yes your months of stacking will be taken into account. :slight_smile:

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Hello Lola,
Thank you for your answer !
I can’t wait to find out what you have planned for us.


Hey HWN, how do you access the reports you are mentioning?

check out the weekly reports here: https://blog.blackpool.finance/

Thanks for your answer!

Thanks a lot for this blogpost, wen is the next one?