Code of Conduct Guidelines

  • Respect and Dignity: Avoid using any slurs or language that discriminates based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or other identities, ensuring an inclusive and respectful environment for all.

  • No Discrimination or Hate Speech: Expressions of sexism, racism, or any other form of hate speech are not tolerated.

  • Content Guidelines:

    • Avoid Redundancy: Before initiating a new thread, verify that a similar topic doesn’t already exist. This ensures focused discussions and prevents the scattering of similar content.
    • Prohibited Content: Posting of explicit material, such as porn, gore, or any NSFW content, is strictly forbidden. Sexualisation of minors or endorsement of paedophilia in any form is a severe breach. Offensive usernames and profile images are not permitted.
  • Protect Personal Privacy: Refrain from sharing or publicising personal details or photos of other members. Impersonation of other members, including moderators, is a grave violation.

  • No Incitement or Threats: Encouraging, suggesting, or threatening violence against individuals or groups is strictly forbidden.

  • Report Violations: If you encounter content or behaviour that violates these rules or compromises your safety, please inform the moderators promptly.

The DAO remains open to suggestions and constructive feedback to further refine these guidelines, ensuring the Forum remains a positive and enlightening space for all.