ComethSwap - BPT rewards

ComethSwap is a DEX (Decentralized exchange) and a LP token staking solution.

The staking reward program incentivizes liquidity providers to stake their LP token in the farming section to get yield in addition to the 0.45% fees generated by each trade in the pool.

The following proposal aims at defining the amount of BPT rewards that should be added in the BPT-ETH and BPT-MUST pools of liquidity on ComethSwap:

  • Period: Weekly
  • Amount: 720 BPT/Week

In addition to BPT rewards, Cometh will match the amount of BPT rewards (in $) and so double the rewards initially given in BPT, in MUST.


  • Increase the liquidity on Polygon and so limit the price impact for each trade
  • Showcase Blackpool DAO platform and so give more visibility for Polygon strategies
  • BPT holders and LP’s get rewards and access to greater liquidity.


  • Creates downward price pressure on BPT as increases its liquidity in the pools

Looking forward to seeing this proposal going to vote.

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Hello Orelien,
Thanks for the proposal.
I personally am in favour of keeping up with the weekly incentivisation on ComethSwap, as it indeed increase the BPT liquidity on Polygon.
Happy to read what others think about it too, before we proceed with a vote on Snapshot.

Hi Orelien,

I’m also in favour of continuing the incentive program. Liquidity on L2 is important for small bag holders to build up a position.