CP#3 Hexidized (with OVR)

Hello everyone, the third Community Proposal is Hexidized, and was proposed by Charles Ledbetter.

You can find the proposal here.

Hexidized is about creating and promoting experiences in the OVR platform.
As BlackPool already bought some parcels in OVR, we are looking to expand our involvement in the platform.

As a kind of “test-run”, we are organising a cool event in Lisbon in partnership with OVR, in October during ETH LisCon, and are planning a second event right after.
The team agreed that if these events are successful, we might want to take a second look further at the Hexidized proposal.

In the meantime, what do you think of the project?


I only know a little about OVR and haven’t used the platform yet, I am mostly posting here to support activity on the forum.

This proposal looks ambitious and visionary. I think the October ‘test-run’ mentioned by @Hazelstar would be a crucial requirement for this proposal to be considered further. I suspect others in the community will be in the same boat as me, lacking context around OVR and the potential synergies for Blackpool. I am struggling to imagine what the Hexidized ‘experience’ would look like, and the first section of this proposal strikes me as, quite honestly, fanciful at best.

‘Family in Home Christmas’ is the first ‘experience’ listed, how can those experiences be replicated here and why would we want to? Are father and mother NPC’s watching our avatar unwrap presents?


Yes, the team’s thoughts on the proposal were of the same ilk. Charles’ proposal of a “Family in Home Christmas” left us a bit perplexed. After we conduct the event in October, we’ll ask him to better refine his proposal.


@0x_ql and @Hazelstar I too find this proposal a little confusing.

Upon reading and viewing the resources below, the proposal appears to be about using OVR to create an art piece similar to the Van Gough Alive exhibition that is referenced in the proposal. I guess the scent machines would add to the AR experience.

Refining of the proposal would definitely help.

The ability to sell NFTs related to the cost for conducting the event is a plus, but without hard numbers to know what the expenses are and how many NFTs that need to be sold it’s hard to know the risks involved.

After the LisCon event more will be known, I would suggest doing a minimum viable event after LisCon using the scent machines etc to know what is involved and to test the market demand for such an experience.

Also for other readers not familiar with OVR such as myself the video from BitBoy below about OVR gave me a quick run down on how it works.



Thank you to everyone that responded to this. I have taken notes on how to better explain the experiences being created.

During this past year as this space has grown and more people have created in the metaverses I feel even better about the ideas.

These experiences can still be created in this upcoming year and repeated as often as we like.

Even if you take out the scentair partners and only have the experiences of gifts and things of that nature, the NFT partnerships and sponsorships that come along bring the profit even if you do not offer any individual purchase options.

Having people purchase a “ticket” to be able view or enter the experiences is just a plus to the profit side.

Having had success with MVMF2021 October 29-30-31 and the continued growth and attention that has gained to the OVR platform tells me events like the purposal in his thread can and will succeed.

Thank you again to anyone that took the time to view and understand these new ways of experiencing moments together.

Hello Charles,
I’m clearly not up to speed on the impact and demand for this type of experience.
But you indicated that you would create a few

“Free to the Public” Halloween and Thanksgiving Holiday walks through parks with advertising for the “Hexidized Holiday Experience 2021”

What is your feedback from these experiments?

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These were fantastic. At the end of October we had a three day multiverse collaboration where two of the 5 experiences created have remained in the top three most visited experiences on OVR.
That in itself is fascinating to me.

Beyond that, I placed a Halloween and Holiday experiences located at a snow cone stand that families could enjoy together.
The owner of the snow cone stand and the property it sits on has now given us permission to place QR codes on the tables along with signs advertising continued experiences on the location. The draw he says is great. He has people that have come back to the property just to get on the app so they can play the games. The amount of time spent on location has gone up. Where they used to get their snow cone and leave. They now linger and play even after they consume the product.

In addition the Chamber of Commerce (Small Business Collective) has reached out to learn about creating geocaching type experiences in the town for their historical markers. They are looking to creating reenactments of history that has taken place there along with seeing the value of having their businesses advertised in walks along the park.
Encouraging exercise and family activities outside of the home and drawing people to their local businesses.