CP#4 Gods Unchained

These are all good points. It’s definitely way too early to say anything definitive. There was clearly a lot of pent up demand to forge among some players since it was closed down for so long. So far me (and the one other person who is more heavily invested than I am) have not forged anything. It was a successful mechanic before (IMO) because you could just straight up fuse through earning flux. The added compenent of a GODS requirement changes things.

Over the next few months I’ll be looking at whether or not the “sense” of the community regarding the games P2E mantra holds up. I guess that was my concern expressed in the initial thoughts about the forge opening. Right now there certainly is beacuse of the promtional GODS play to earn even going on through April. After that, how a player earns GODS through will be a key compenent. Right now, the P2E mechanism only really exists because of the promtion…otherwise if you have to buy GODS, the profit margin on core cards are very minimal. Again, it’s definitely way too early though for any definitive statements.

I’m still bullish big time on GU and would recommend investment in Genesis and TOG cards sooner then later before the go up anymore. Forming a guild seems smart as well. One thing I consistently see in the community is that people who have played Splinterlands/Axie, etc and some of these other games just say GU is the most “fun” by far and I agree the current meta and mechanics are the most fun I’ve had playing in months.

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Thanks for your reply @adotjdot, really appreciate it.

I want to promote this proposal as having value on multiple fronts:

  • Asset speculation - the cards as aesthetic NFTs without utility. Perhaps similar to curio cards. This is probably debatable as these assets are intrinsically utility NFTs. However, if we bought some cards that got banned in certain game formats in the future, they might begin to act more as aesthetic or collector NFTs.
  • Asset speculation - boards and trinkets, as above.
  • Productive assets - shiny cards, these will increase daily token rewards and might be useful for scholars
  • Productive assets - boards and trinkets

I wonder whether it’s worth asking the question whether there is a place within the DAO for unprofitable guilds? It’s not for me to say as a newish person, I suspect it’s something core have discussed. I think this proposed guild has merits beyond direct profitability. That said, I do think it can return profit in both the short and long term. Nonetheless, compared to Axie and Sorare, Gods Unchained has a less clear path to guild profitability in my opinion. Also, it’s more individual player focused than Guild of Guardians, which is a negative for guild style investment.

I think the primary benefits of initiating this guild/troop would be:

  • Instant regular twitch streaming requiring only the player’s effort to play and stream. It could significantly increase Blackpool’s twitch presence
  • Increases DAO links with Immutable
  • An additional area of interest for DAO members to get involved with. In my opinion Gods Unchained is by far the highest quality blockchain game to date. It’s just great fun. I agree with @Surface2AirMissile on this.
  • Increases the name recognition of the brand. 50k active players now, a good portion of those players would learn about Blackpool through the game. Cumulative impact of this across multiple projects could be non-trivial.
  • The game has a solid play-and-earn loop, assets will be productive, the guild would almost certainly return profits. Whether those would be significant or not is difficult to say at this moment in time.
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A short reflection from me on your last comment:

A) I believe most of us are bullish on Web3 gaming with a play-to-earn model. This is just getting started and Blackpool wants to be a force to be reckoned with in this space.
B) To get there tomorrow, I would argue that what the DAO should optimize for today is not revenue & profit, but rather the knowledge & competence to spot new promising play-to-earn games, reasearch them, deploy the troop and make the troop a productive part of the portfolio.

Becoming world-class at this sequence in a growing industry will set Blackpool apart and, I believe, this will be our most valueble asset. This will give Blackpool an edge in future profitable games and secure the DAO’s success in the future (beyond Sorare etc).

I’ve read the proposal. It seems like GU with @0x_ql leading the charge is a great case for us to practice our skills and become better at this. Therefore I’m positive.

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Thanks for your comments @Sylten. I really like the sentiment of your reflections there, they certainly touch on some of the reasons I’m particularly enthusiastic about Blackpool. Wholeheartedly agree with you.

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Hey guys! Some update for you that I think I should mention here:

  • You can see the treasury here: BlackPool Finance - Metrics
  • We will do a Lab Experiment about God’s Unchained on Thursday 6 pm CET. Come with your questions and comments and we’ll play and discuss the game together! It will be on our twitch channel.
  • I’m thinking after the Lab Experiment, we can start pushing votes :slight_smile:
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Hey guys! Here’s the replay of the Lab Experiment!

@0x_ql let’s first create a vote on snapshot with a yes or no question then we can move on to the specific choices if yes passes, using what came out of the discussion.

Thanks again everyone!


Thanks @SamGab_G, I’m really glad to see this go to a a vote. Since submitting this proposal Gods Unchained has significantly increased the player numbers, card values have appreciated across the board, the token has performed strongly, and important milestones like forging and fiat onboarding have been achieved.

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Hi all, the snapshot has been posted for this proposal - ends 7 days from now. Thanks again for your participation.


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Congratulations on the very successful proposal @0x_ql !
Initiate troop with a purchase has won by a landslide! With a small preference for cards AND items purchases.

We shall now initiate a taskforce that will propose a budget to spend on this troop. If anyone is interested to contribute, please let us know here or telegram/discord.

Thank you all for your contributions!


Thanks @SamGab_G. I’m thrilled to see this proposal pass, and particularly with such strong support. 63 different addresses voted and there were no votes against initiating the troop.

Thanks everyone for contributing and voting.

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Hello everyone,

Since the snapshot vote to initiate the Gods Unchained troop we have been looking at strategies for investing, consulting with the scouts, and been building the community around the troop. Most importantly, we have been working with a Gods Unchained guild TeamFr.

Black Poule tournament

TeamFr are a gaming guild who started in Gods Unchained. The Blackpool team have done a really good job of onboarding and building a partnership with them. One of the first activities within this partnership was the Black Poule tournament which Blackpool sponsored earlier this month. A tremendous amount of work went in to organising this tournament and TeamFr did an overall great job here. Keep an eye out for more partnership work between Blackpool and TeamFr.

Daily rewards

Chris Clay shared in his recent state of the beta reddit post that daily earning is likely to hit by the middle of the year, and we recently had a new button related to this added to the game client. I think it is safe to say this will cause a significant interest in acquiring shiny cards. Further, there has been quite a lot of excitement around IMX and GODS staking coming very soon. All in all some very encouraging signs.



Blackpool ETH investment

We’re looking to progress the Gods Unchained troop with an initial ETH investment. I would like to invite discussion around the strategy for this investment. At present I feel the $GODS token is the most appealing asset and has the clearest path to yield. Some of the older cards have recently been power crept by newer cards and the market has reflected this. Card prices are down across the board, potentially due to lack of confidence in the immutability of individual card utility. It highlights the importance of continually improving your collection as a player as new sets are released. Perhaps this can be mirrored in our investment strategy, not spending all the allocation at once, but cautiously expanding our collection of assets (cards, shiny cards, boards, trinkets, and $GODS) over time.

Discord channel

We now have a channel in the Blackpool discord server. I’m hoping this little bit of the community can keep growing and be a place for us to communicate. We already have a few members regularly involved in the chat in there.


I set up a poll for the Blackpool Scouts to feedback on the suggested amount to invest. There were 7 responses:

0% voted for 1-10 ETH
71% voted for 10-15 ETH
29% voted for 15-20 ETH
0% voted for 20+ ETH

I am now extending this enquiry to the forum in anticipation of a further snapshot vote.

How much ETH do you think should be allocated to the Gods Unchained troop?

  • 1-10 ETH
  • 10-15 ETH
  • 15-20 ETH
  • 20+ ETH

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Thank you for all your work ql!

Congratulations also to the partnership with TeamFR who, in addition to being very nice, is also very invested in GU and provided a good show during the two phases of the tournement.
I can’t wait to see the impact of our future investments on a game that still has a lot to give. Full support.

Regarding the investment I understand that the changing Meta makes the value of the cards very random / fluctuating. However, are there any cards that would benefit from a good appreciation based on other factors than the ingame use and that would give them an appreciation potential?

Looking forward to those development !