CP#5 The Mekaverse

Over the last few days, the Lab has discussed a couple of proposals from @Nataniel. The first of which, Mekaverse, can be found here.

Over the next few days, the community will discuss this investment here. When the time is right, and the DAO has provided enough feedback, the proposal will be submitted to a vote.

I’m looking forward to reading your comments!


Thank you Sam!

Very interesting research.
Quick question: in your opinion, is there any ‘‘comparable’’ NFT collection out there? Just to get some kind of sense check that the current price range of Mekaverses is fair/correct?

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Hi Willy,

Glad you like the research. It’s hard to find “comparable” NFT collection as this one got pretty early in 3D high-quality NFTs. However, maybe the community know another collection that has the same kind of background and how they ended up. In the meantime, the roadmap and promisses of the team is all we got to bet on I think :wink:

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I really like the graphics of the mekas, one of the higher quality I’ve seen in ‘pfp’ NFTs to date.

I think it will be really interesting to watch projects with ‘similiar’ meta roadmaps play out. Things like staking, derivative NFTs, token airdrops, P2E, and entire ecosystems. Doubtless there will be many disappointments, but if a team is passionate and committed to achieving the milestones on their roadmap, it could get really interesting.

I wonder what the future for Blackpool holding aesthetic NFTs will be like. @Nataniel - are there any collectors you particularly respect holding mekas?

I struggle with MekaVerse and how to think of it.:

Game Eco System - I think many in the eco system want this to be a game (or movie) or something like that. It’s a long way away from that and hard to justify purchase at current price.

Art - Doesn’t really fit into this category; its not generative; it doesn’t speak to crypto culture; it doesn’t really say anything from an art point of view

OG - Hard to say how we will look back on 2021 NFTs as OG; but I guess it does capture a moment in time.

On the positive side, seams there is some value in their community. They still have 170k members in their discord; about 50% of NFT owners are in the discord.


Thanks so much everyone for your comments.

For what it’s worth (as someone approaching the space with less experience), my initial reaction was similar to that which @SohoJoe articulated: unlike some assets with clear yield-generating potential or intuitive narratives, Mekaverse NFTs seem more difficult to underwrite. To grossly oversimplify, at present I have a challenging time ascribing positive expected value to an investment that seems reliant on increased community engagement from current levels until a clearer roadmap towards utility in a gameverse (or some other use case) materializes. I could be missing the mark, though.

Perhaps I could ask the proponents to further elaborate on the Blackpool team’s perceived “edge” in underwriting this collection (i.e., why future value isn’t priced in to market-clearing levels today). Is there a useful precedent that you could point to?

Thanks again for all of the work on this.

I have been following the previous comments and It seems challenging to price Mekaverse NFTs.

It’s seems that the main potential upside would be coming from:

  • the coming drop of Mekabots for every Meka holders
  • the promised listing on various marketplaces (Niftygateway, Binance,Coinbase);

Recently, a pool of Meebits were fractionalized with SZNS and put into a pool . MBBT tokens of this pool were sold to give proxy ownership of Meebits. I think this case is interesting because it’s not just fractionalizing the economic value of NFTs , it’s also giving access to shared ownerships to a pool of Meebits so that it could be scaled to a larger user base in the Metaverse.

An an alternative to generate yield on Mekaverse NFTs, could Blackpool consider adopt a similar path for Mekaverse NFTs they would acquire? It could be an interesting option to expand the potential user base and surf on the metaverse trend.

What are the thoughts of the community and of the experts of this vertical?

Thanks @SamGab_G for the research. Just wanted to add, that the Panda Dynasty NFT Community has added a Mekaverse to their community chest. That was voted for in their community. Floor is pretty low currently for such a high quality product, given the team remains committed to their roadmap.

Dear all,
There hasn’t been much evolution or consensus on this proposal, most likely because of the limited yield potential. I’m inclined to recommend a soft poll here to decide whether or not it is worth sending this to a signal vote.

I leave it to @Nataniel to chose whether he wants to push the vote on signal directly (without support of the lab) or initiate a soft poll here (simple yes or no) and shall the yes win, the Lab will work closely with the interested members to propose a CP#5 vote with appropriate numbers.

Thanks again to everyone for their contribution!

Hi frens,

Summing up our discussions about Mekaverse as an investment, here are the 3 main points to remember imo;

First, Mekaverse roadmap doesn’t account for any Metaverse or Play-to-earn mechanism in a close future, thus only capital gains (from the NFT itself or the incoming airdrops) can be expected. Secondly and as a consequence, the main value shall be derived from the community commitment, team efforts and potential partnerships. That’s a raw summary, so feel free to add stuffs if I missed any :wink:

That being said, a lot was announced since the beginning of this thread and we saw the floor going from .8 to 1.1 rn. About their announcement, most of it can be found in the recent Keynote the team held (check-out their yt channel, can’t put link here). Quite surprised by the quality tbh, this looks like a serious team.

About what to do next, I would advise the 2nd option @SamGab_G proposed: “initiate a soft poll here (simple yes or no) and shall the yes win, the Lab will work closely with the interested members to propose a CP#5 vote with appropriate numbers”.

In the meantime, I would like to thank you all for your involvement and the value that was brought to this discussion!!


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