How to contribute?

First of all, whatever it is you wish to contribute, from simple ideas to proposing investments or inviting BlackPool into a partnership, you can go ahead and contribute directly. :gorilla: :handshake: :gorilla:

  • For articles and blog posts, this can be done directly on the blog.

  • For code, use github.

  • For partnership proposals, you can get in touch with any of the current core team members on Telegram or Discord.

  • Finally, for the community to decide on new investments, they need to know about the suggested project in great detail: create a discussion within the BlackPool Lab category and present your research in a constructed manner, following the guidelines. Feedback and assistance will be available on the [Discussion] category, Telegram or Discord channels.

Alternatively, and we strongly recommend you to do so, you can use the BlackPool Lab toolbox and solicit support from the core team, answer questions, receive feedback and grow interest for your proposal. See this as a peer-review process before your final submission.

We recommend you to send a pitch (1 page max.), that we call a Lab Report, to, from there we will discuss the most appropriate follow up submission between an investment proposal, a grant proposal or an article.

For a proposal, when it has a high likelihood of success, create it here.

Let the community know, do not neglect the use of Telegram and Discord, and be ready to engage in active dialogue about your proposal. BlackPool’s community will speak for itself, and the economic incentive to protect & grow the DAO should carry the best idea through.

Snapshot Rules
Everyone is welcome to submit a proposal here. However, there are conditions that must be respected for a proposal to be signaled to the core team.

  • First of all, while we strongly encourage the use of The Lab tools, we will consider spontaneous proposals. However, these should include a detailed research report and be discussed with the community and/or core team members prior to submission in the Forum.
  • Proposals that went through The Lab will be assigned a BlackPool Community Proposal number (BPCP#_) and be posted in the BlackPool Lab category. Spontaneous proposals will have to be presented in the Discussion category.
  • By using the Lab, you ensure that the multiple vote choices are more detailed than a simple “yes or no”. This allows for more pertinent investment/grant proposals.
  • There is a minimum voting period of 120h to allow every active person in the DAO to be able to vote. “Emergency” votes (when the deadline for investment is shorter than 120h) to allow for quick action must be discussed with the core team.
  • Quorum: a vote will be invalidated if the “yes” vote does not amount to at least 20k BPT.
  • An unclear/undisclosed conflict of interest will invalidate the vote.