How To Make A Proposal

For the community to weigh your proposal, they need to know which features or parameters would be changed (and to what). Create a discussion within the proposals category, focused on a narrow set of changes, and try not to suggest multiple scenarios or changes simultaneously.

Use this as an opportunity to solicit support, answer questions, and build public support. When you feel that the proposal has a high likelihood of success, create it here . Let the community know, and be ready to engage in active dialogue about your proposal. StakeDAO’s community will speak for itself, and the economic incentive to protect & grow the protocol should carry the best idea through.

Proposals involving code changes

Any proposal that introduces new code should be thoroughly reviewed by the community, with technically capable community members weighing in. Development should be conducted in the open; pull requests, test cases, and sample deployments of the new code should all be completed for the community to inspect if they wish. This process will evidently take some time.

Significant changes should undergo a professional third party audit; the DAO will ultimately decide the payment for this. Together we’ll develop a standard for introducing complex changes, but you should flag your concerns to the community until you’re delighted.

All proposals should follow the below format:


Enter the proposal title here. (No longer than 8 words)


Give a basic explanation of what action is being proposed. (No longer than 50 words)


Explain your motivation for making this proposal. (No longer than 50 words)


Outline the details of the proposed changes here. (No longer than 250 words)


Explain the benefits of this proposal in bullet point format.


Explain the negatives of this proposal in bullet point format.