New governance framework

Summary: This post aims to define a framework for BlackPool governance, by defining several types of proposals depending on the subject discussed,voting on DAO rules, and creating templates that should be helpful for everyone trying to participate.

Prior to any vote, a proposal should be discussed on the governance forum and on Discord first to get a sentiment check and some valuable feedback about the community ideas.

I) Information required for every type of proposal:

Governance forum post: Each proposal should be posted on the Governance forum for at least 48 hours before posting the snapshot, which allows the community to give some feedback, propose changes, and vote on a community sentiment poll.

Proposal type, number and name: Each proposal must be easily identifiable and correctly classified.
Name: The name must be the same on the forum post and snapshot (Max 10 words)
Number: Each proposal must have a number that represents the post order on the forum and on snapshot
Type and description: BPIR - BPGP - BPIP. This will be detailed in the second part of the proposal

Summary: Short description of the proposal (1-2 sentences max)

Rationale: Detailed explanation of the proposal and milestones for its execution.

Means: Resources needed for this proposal
Human resources: Special skills required if any (dev or others)
Treasury ressources: Proposal cost (in BPT/stables), % of the treasury required

Technical implementation: Highlight the technical implementations of this proposal if any

Timeline and Roadmap: Include a suggested roadmap and immediate next steps required for a minimum viable project.

Voting options: Mention the options that will be included on the snapshot vote, including an “Abstain” one.

II) Different proposals categories:

BlackPool Integration Request (BPIR): (focus on public information and investments)
Description: BPIRs should present projects with a full report and a post to integrate a new verticale on BlackPool, either with blockchain games, public DAO investments or partnerships that need to go through the LAB (meeting of BlackPool experts about the different BPIRs opportunites)
The LAB will take the decision, with the help of a community sentiment poll, to move forward with the proposed projects or not.
The process works with two types of proposals:

  • BPIR which will share a report about the project, define the partnership/investment idea
  • BPGPs for any DAO expenses

This type of proposal should include, in addition to all the points mentioned in the first part:

Project Presentation: (After summary)
Project name
Full report about the project
Audit(s) links
Supported chain(s)
Twitter/Discord/Telegram links

Project metrics: (After project presentation)
Current project FDV or TVL
Daily volume
Community size on Twitter/Discord/Telegram

It’s also a good point to have a meeting between the project team and the BP Team to discuss the proposal over a call before the next LAB meeting. (private)

Community sentiment poll:
The report needs to be shared on the forum Monday evening or before, for the next Lab meeting on Thursday.
In addition to the Lab meeting, a community member can present a scout call about the project on discord for the community members.

Integration proposals can happen quite often and the decision to move forward will be taken by the Lab with the help of a community poll, so it might not always require a snapshot proposal.

Proposal specifications:
Admins: Lab meeting members (Core team) + Community poll on the forum
Community feedback: 2 days minimum
Voting duration 3 days
Quorum: As we are still in the migration phase for veBPT, each quorum will be voted on later.

BlackPool Governance Proposal (BPGP):
Description: BPGPs are about common governance proposals, especially the ones related to the treasury and the DAO organization. This is the 2nd step after a project gets approved at the Lab meeting every Thursday, but this kind of proposal can also be used for anything related to DAO expenses.
This type of proposal should include, in addition to all the points mentioned in the first part:

Context: (After summary)
Comprehensive overview of the proposal, treasury breakdown if needed.

The BPGPs would concern but wouldn’t be limited to:
Quarterly budgets (including a LAB budget)
Liquidity mining gauge votes
Grant program if any
Contributors/DAO Committees rewards
Long term partnerships (i.e DAO Swaps)
DAO expenses

Note that some projects might offer private deals with confidential information which cannot be revealed. For these projects, a LAB budget will be created and managed by the LAB members to invest following internal discussion.

Proposal specifications:
Admin(s): Team multisig
Community feedback: 2 days minimum
Voting duration: 5 days
Quorum: As we are still in the migration phase for veBPT, each quorum will be voted on later.

BlackPool Improvement Protocol (BPIP):
Description: BPIPs are about the most important modifications either on the protocol directly or on the governance framework. This category concerns every major change in the code, a token migration or the creation of new features, etc.
This type of proposal should include, in addition to all the points mentioned in the first part:

Context: What is creation/modification and why it is needed?

The BPIPs would concern but wouldn’t be limited to:
New version of the protocol
Smart contract modification
Updates on the initial parameters
Token migration
Governance framework modification
Add/Remove a signer on the treasury multisig
Modification of the protocol fees distribution

BPIPs are the most critical and important types of proposals, as it’s directly about the BlackPool core product or a major change in the governance.
It’s very important to get as many community members aware of this kind of proposal for them to vote accordingly, which is why we should consider more conservative parameters than BPGPs ones, and a longer voting period:

Proposal specifications:
Admin: Team multisig
Community feedback: 2 days minimum
Voting duration: 8 days
Quorum: As we are still in the migration phase for veBPT, each quorum will be voted on later.

Each type will be detailed in a template for each category on the forum.

Treasury allocations:
The treasury allocations will be shared into a category called ‘Treasury Management”
This category will include monthly reports about the treasury actions taken, suggestion channels and community polls to consider new strategies.

Voting options
Yes, accept the governance framework
No, refuse the governance framework

Community poll: Should we implement this governance framework ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abtain

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Another step forward for the BlackPool DAO !
It’s great to be able to structure and facilitate the participation of contributors in the choices that will shape governance as well as being able to offer new verticals in a more structured way.
Full support !

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