What is BlackPool Lab?

The Lab is the structure through which we accompany the community members in their process to get involved with BlackPool. Broadly speaking the possible outcomes are either new investments, new troops (grant proposal), new articles/documents or new partnerships.

New investment or grant proposals are submitted to a vote here and new articles are published either in the blog and/or shortened into informative docs compiled into an organised library. Of course, investment proposals and article submissions can be done spontaneously, without going through the Lab. However, by doing so, the applicant misses out on templates, assistance, feedback, peer-review and public support of the core team.

The purpose of The Lab is manyfold:

  • Involve the BP community with investments and activities.

  • Provide support, feedback and advice to assess and strengthen investment proposals.

  • Offer analysis on tokenomics & market research that requires specific skills from BlackPool core team members, before submission of a proposal to the DAO.

  • Organise research, knowledge and perspectives of NFT projects

  • Publish a library of open-access documents from lab reports to peer-reviewed articles and quality assessments.

  • Establish partnerships (In-game assets, early investments, consulting, analytics, etc.).

In fine, The Lab should serve as the R&D(AO) department of BlackPool, with a public database that will serve as a benchmark for new NFT projects and a platform for proposing new investment strategies and troops. We provide our community with the tools to be actively involved in BlackPool’s activities and library of detailed analysis on games, protocols, collections, etc.