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The BlackPool Forum is the most important tool for the BlackPool Governance to be conducted swimmingly. It is intended to provide a platform for well thought out discourse - in order to ensure that the best ideas come forward and are explored in an impartial manner we need to create a fair and equitable environment within which everyone can share their points of view without fear of retribution.


For the community to weigh your proposal, they need to know which features or parameters would be changed (and to what). Create a discussion within the proposals category, focused on a narrow set of changes, and try not to suggest multiple scenarios or changes simultaneously.

BlackPool Lab

The Lab is the structure through which we accompany the community members in their process to get involved with BlackPool. Broadly speaking the possible outcomes are either new investments, new troops (grant proposal), new articles/documents or new partnerships.


If you are not looking to make a contribution directly through the BlackPool Lab, but still want to discuss any relevant topic for BlackPool, then this is the right category for you.


You’ll find in this section positions we’re currently looking to fill in.
Do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.