BPIP#1 Enhanced veBPT Rewards & Incentives Framework


This proposal introduces a forward-thinking approach for BlackPool DAO, designed to enhance our adaptability to the dynamic regulatory environment. It explores new reward mechanisms for veBPT holders, potentially expanding beyond ETH rewards, and investigates innovative uses for the $BPT token. These initiatives are part of our ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of industry best practices.


As part of our ongoing commitment to align with the dynamic regulatory environment, BlackPool has invariably been engaging with legal experts to oversee the activities… Informed by this guidance, we are proactively adapting our approach. This includes pausing ETH rewards as we explore alternative methods to reward our community. This step ensures our reward system remains innovative and compliant while avoiding potential misinterpretation.


BlackPool is proposing an evolved framework for the $BPT token. The vision strengthens the utility and community aspects of the governance token, offering a diverse array of perks and benefits as alternatives to ETH rewards. This is part of an ongoing dialogue within our community, and the specifics of these expanded functionalities will be shaped and detailed in forthcoming proposals. Below is an initial outline of what these enhancements will encompass:

  • Voting: $BPT (through veBPT) still enables holders to vote on protocol changes, treasury spending, and community-related matters, with added incentives for active participation being currently developed. BlackPool’s activities are designed to encourage collaborations, asset lending and community participation through governance.

  • Enhanced features: $BPT (through veBPT) offers a range of exclusive benefits and accessibilities to its governance participants. These perks can include early access to new features, eligibility for whitelists, access to unique content, or exclusive experiences that go beyond typical market offerings. The array of features provided by $BPT is designed to enhance user engagement and provide value in innovative and exciting ways, here are some potential examples :

    • Integrated gaming experiences with exclusive achievements and rewards
    • Preferential access and potential discounts on private token sales
    • Alpha and early access to new projects and ventures
    • Interactive AMAs, alpha channels, workshops with industry leaders and founders
    • Exclusive access to VIP IRL events and meetings founders and KOLs
    • Exclusive purchases or unlock money-can’t-buy assets and experience through veBPT access
    • Personalised assets, exclusive airdrops, and private communication channels
  • Pro players can use the $BPT governance or get support from the DAO to get a BlackPool sponsorship, i.e. access to high-value assets for competitive gaming (replicating Sorare or Big Time models)

  • Rent gaming assets at a discount (even free) to play with BlackPool’s banner and chase rewards. (Be part of a team and rise to the ranks, pay NFT rental fees in $BPT for a massive discount, etc.)

  • etc.

The new model will include future proposals for new distribution systems aimed at creating $ETH rewards with a structure that aligns with international regulatory standards, such as:

  • Governance Incentives: Active Governance participation will be rewarded, specifically promoting veBPT locking and active governance participation.
  • Liquid Locker Incentives: Liquidity providers for the sdBPT/BPT pair can be incentivised through bribes via the Vote Market mechanism of StakeDAO. BlackPool will offer bribes with $ETH, leading to sdBPT/BPT liquidity providers receiving $CRV with a boost. Note: BlackPool will keep using sdBPT for perk access, however, sdBPT will not be usable for voting.
  • Liquidity Mining: An initiative to increase the liquidity of $BPT is underway to ensure fluid token swapping, facilitating a more dynamic market.

Our goal is steadfast: to continuously enhance the rewards for our community, especially for our long-term token holders engaged with the veBPT model. To achieve this, we are actively developing BlackPool V3.

This forthcoming version is being thoughtfully designed to align with regulatory standards, fully ensuring we adhere to the highest industry norms.

At the same time, we remain committed to preserving the core principles of decentralisation and robust governance. Through BlackPool V3, we are dedicated to delivering substantial and ongoing value to our community, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to their interests and our platform’s evolving ecosystem.

The voting options for the proposal are Yes, No, or Abstain.


Note: BlackPool will keep using sdBPT for perk access, however, sdBPT will not be usable for voting.

Stake DAO’s Liquid Lockers architecture allows any sdTOKEN holder to vote on proposals related to the underlying veTOKEN.

Seamlessly, sdBPT holders will be able to engage in veBPT governance, just as with Curve, Balancer, and Frax governances for their own sdTOKEN.


Indeed, thanks for the clarification. While sdBPT will not be a voting token on snapshot for blackpoolhq.eth, sdBPT holders will of course be able to vote through Stake DAO. Note that for those voting this way, votes end 48h earlier.


I’m not inclined to oppose the core team on this proposal. However, since the proposed changes fundamentally alter the original purpose of veBPT, I suggest creating a new veBPT contract if we’re continuing with the veModel. Although I question the advantages of the veModel at this juncture, a staking contract with timestamps might be more efficient and equitable. At the very least, let’s allow the lockers to choose whether to adopt the new protocol.


Hi Xut, thanks a lot for your involvement! Indeed, a staking contract with timestamp could be a great alternative. This would be a great proposal to discuss. I invite you to create a new “discussion” topic on the subject or start discussing directly on discord first. Let me know if you need help on this.

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For everyone’s information, due to the absence of delegation strategy in the snapshot space, Stake DAO was unable to replicate the vote for this proposal. Up to Blackpool’s community to decide whether or not the vote needs to be repushed including the delegation strategy on snapshot.

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