Guiding Principles of Governance: A Community-Driven Approach

Governance must encapsulate and prioritise the community’s wishes, continually endeavouring to act in their best interests. As custodians of BlackPool’s future, it is our collective duty to establish governance standards and processes robust enough to guide our community for generations.

Here, we present our vision of effective governance. It’s vital to understand that these are initial reflections, meant to ignite discussions and debates. The community possesses the autonomy to adopt, refine, modify, or reject these insights, moulding the trajectory of our governance. Your feedback is invaluable, and we are committed to refining the guidelines based on your input.

Recommendations for Governance Proposals

  • Inception through Dialogue: Every proposal should originate from rich community conversations, analytical queries, and rigorous scrutiny.

  • Aim for Informed Consensus: The primary objective during discussions is the accumulation of comprehensive knowledge regarding a potential proposal’s ramifications. Simple endorsements or disapprovals of ideas are welcome, but a well-reasoned stance, underpinned by data and analysis, is of paramount importance. Foster a culture of curiosity, propose alternatives, pose probing questions, and always approach discussions with an open mind.

  • Temporal Space for Reflection: Allow ample time for the community to internalise proposed ideas, encouraging members to contribute further insights and enrich the discourse.

Your voice is pivotal in this journey. Let’s collaboratively shape a governance structure that stands the test of time, reflecting the shared values and aspirations of our community.