Idea: Blackpool to focus on an exclusive, seed-gated club

Hey troops!

I’ve been pondering an idea over the past few months, especially considering Blackpool’s incredible achievements in the NFT gaming world with big names like Sorare, BigTime, MLB, Aavegotchi, Illuvium, Metafight, etc. Now, with the Blackpool Labs and Research department engaging in and viewing the deal flow of very early-stage NFT gaming projects, it seems we’re at a pivotal moment. I suggest Blackpool seize this opportunity to sharpen its focus, dedicating its efforts solely to the interests of BPT holders (veBPT and sdBPT), by launching an exclusive, seed-gated club packed with seed club deals. This initiative grants BPT holders early access to emerging crypto NFT games and yield projects through a staking points system (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3), offering perks like season tickets and VIP passes. By staking BPT, holders unlock a portal to early stage gaming projects, increased XP in our ecosystem games, and opportunities for game integration.

As an example: Blackpool Seed Club a la poolside vibe.