Governance Proposal Process

This section provides a brief step-by-step guide to BlackPool’s governance framework, outlining the structured journey from proposal initiation to community voting;

  1. Read Our Community Guidelines: Start by reading our Code of Conduct.

  2. Proposal Initiation : If you have a proposal, create a topic in the ‘Discussion’ category. This initial step is crucial for communicating your ideas and inviting feedback.

  3. Discord Discussions : Move the discussion to Discord. Engage in real-time discussions and gather community feedback to modify and refine your proposal as required.

  4. Formal Proposal Submission : Following fruitful discussions, formalise your proposal in the ‘Governance’ category, following the guidelines outlined in the ‘Proposal Framework’.
    Note: Your proposal must be visible for at least 48 hours before moving on to the voting phase.

  5. Snapshot Voting : Once your proposal has been active in the ‘Governance’ category for 48 hours, you can post it on Snapshot, where the community members cast their votes using veBPT. The voting duration will vary depending on the nature of the proposal: 3, 5 and 8 days for BPIR, BPGP, and BPIP respectively.